Thursday, September 27, 2007

Safari crash on mismatched tags

If Apple's mac web browser, Safari, crashes on your web page, look for mismatched beginning and end tags. With a fairly complex page, using lots of CSS, we found that Safari was crashed by a simple mismatch of h1 (opening) and h2 (closing) tags ... note that we first debug-interpolated the error to the CSS file, but there was no error to fix ... the typo was in HTML that used the CSS file ...

(keywords: crash, crashes, crashed, safari browser)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Firefox img border problem

Of course, since Firefox is probably the most compliant browser, this is more an artifact than a problem. But I'd like to help people out with this, so I'll keyword it: problem, bug, issue ...

In Firefox an image (img) with (a href) link tags around it, often shows up with a visually unwanted blue border. The fix is simple. Set " border=0 " in the img tag:

< img src="file.jpg" border=0 >